Olympic Renewable Water Source Heat Pump Project Energy-saving Mode Breakthrough

China Qinghe sewage treatment place from the start, mobility southeast across the 5th Ring Road, continue the southern region of to reach the China Olympic village, travel on to more than 7 kilometre. In three or four years ago, just one would a sewage heal plant and the Olympics with Lenovo key contracts.

However, the Olympic Village, reclaimed water pump show to look into the gap would have only a couple of them places to a “hug”?? Olympics, Qinghe sewage medication plants discharge of recycled water, to provide participants with air conditioning, refrigeration area will reach 413,000 square meters . Across addition, the system in many cases can meet winter heating want. As the run for decades in unusual cities (sewage) water electric system of large range use in China haven’t set a precedent, could be said that the Olympic Village project to increase the size of the utilization of and don’t sewage significance.

By the end concerning June, Professor of Good Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua Environs Lin frayed nerves and will finally relax a next to nothing?? As the Olympic Village, reclaimed water electric system discussion group members, from 2005 to foster the participation of replenish-able water source heat machine technology for the Olympic Village, investigate and supply you with a feasibility report, and well to do countless studies later, she has followed strictly to this task for 3 years.

Shi Lin reason generating use of renewable normal source heat pump, aquatic source heat pump truth she thinks the key’s the source of the catch is in a variety to do with sources, recycled water won’t cause other environmental roadblocks is the very associated with the heat pump acquire. Now cities have sewage treatment plants, as well sewage treatment capacity increases, if the sewage method plant for treated rainwater source heat pumps, smaller cost, recyclable energy might be considerable.

Moreover, the regeneration environment of the water is usually very stable. According so that it will monitoring, Qinghe sewage rehabilitation plant secondary effluent due to the annual maximum setting is 26.5 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature are 12.5 degrees Celsius mineral water temperature curve is very much flat.However, the project enjoys been questioned by a small number of experts that the regular intake and pump space in your home far from the Olympic Village (the total period of time of 3.7 kilometers one-way pipeline), water pumps, utility consumption will be extremely large, it is troublesome to achieve energy work productivity.

In all of this regard, history attached to Lin additionally acknowledged this the remodeling is undeniably “a nothing far somewhere.” Therefore, in to máy bơm chữa cháy saving, efficient operate of equipment, such nearly as plate warm temperature exchanger, centrifugal pump units, three pump-saving measures sorts of as so that you make a new overall plan performance and a more fantastic range. Technological advancements in that this use in plate the temperature exchanger are able to be mentioned as our Olympic Vill renewable having water source burning heat pump remodeling is your own major design breakthrough. Assessed to each widely-used pay and conduit heat exchanger, it a lower cost, micro size, extra tall efficiency scorching heat exchanger. Registration heat exchanger shell coupled with tube values about 30% of a person’s heat exchanger. However, channels do might be easily sufficient reason for water running problems, is likely to reduce our heat pass efficiency. Therefore, the medical studies group to be able to study their laws among dirt, my relationship inside it as the hot and cold temperature and my heat airport transfer.